Ryan Coogler coming back for Black Panther 2!

After the incredible success from the first Black Panther movie, it is no surprise that Marvel is going to attempt to recreate that magic by bringing back the director and writer. Ryan Coogler is set to direct and write the script for Black Panther two and could be incredible. The Hollywood reporter has stated that production will be slated for late 2019 or early 2020 depending on the timing of the Coogler and casts schedules. Almost all the actors have other projects going on as well as Coogler and bringing them altogether at the right time to start production is going to take some logistics.

Black Panther ended up bringing in over $1 Billion and was one of the biggest success stories out of Marvel. It was also the first movie in the MCU to have a person of color as its leading character. Not to mention the fact that almost the entire cast was black and brought it incredible reviews.

It is being reported that Coogler has a good idea of the direction they want to go in and all it is going to take is to start writing the script and flushing out their ideas. Being taken back to Wakanda is going to be an amazing trip and I cannot wait to be brought back to that colorful and beautiful world full of culture and see where they take us next.

Wakanda played a pivotal role in Avengers Infinity War as well as opening itself up to the world in the first installment. So, where they go from here is anyone’s guess, but I am sure it will be an amazing time.

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