Panel To Panel: Cyber Force Issue #1

Cyber Force Issue #1 Is the first installment in a 25-part series that is a refresh of the comic series produced in the 90’s. Cyber Force is created by Marc Silvestri, written by Matt Hawkins and Bryan Hill and the beautiful art was done by Atilio Rojo. If you are looking to get your hands on this issue, it is free to download on the Top Cow website here!

Cyber Force begins with a terrible terrorist attack that maims and almost kills our protagonist Morgan. However, the person responsible lets him live and only him. He is then taken to a facility that is going to change him in ways we cannot imagine yet. His daughter Carin who just turned 18 signs the consent forms to allow the procedure to begin. After starting with a bang this part of the issue is incredibly emotional and allows you to experience what it would be like being in Carin’s impossible position.


The colors used to embody that time are cool and somber which is stark contrast to the amazing reds that are used in the violent beginning of the volume. We do not want to give everything away, but this was a great origin and sets up the rest of the series on stable ground with a very clear goal.

It almost has a Robocop feel with the people who fixed Morgan tasking him with solving the terrorist attack that maimed him. Since he was the only one left alive it must have been for a reason after all. Hopefully we will learn more about this anonymous terrorist that believes they are saving humanity from itself as well as the organization behind Morgan and Carin’s transformations, as well as their motives.

Cyber force cover.jpg

Overall this was a great way to start the refresh of this popular series and bring us back into the discussion of cybernetics and technology and the way that humans interact with it. The terrorist talked about the addiction that we humans have with technology and the power that it has over us. This is something that is so relevant today with the intertwining of technology into almost every single facet of daily human life.

Going forward this series will most likely have a lot more commentary on the social implications and ethical problems that arise as technology becomes an even more prominent part of life in this time. This makes the series even more relevant than when it was first released in the 90’s. They couldn’t have possibly predicted the changes that were about to come and now that all this technology has been integrated into the fabric of society, how we handle it is going to be incredibly important.

This was a great way to be introduced into this series. Full disclosure, I have not read the original series nor anything else created by Top Cow, but they have made a fan out of me.

This will be an ongoing series with more reviews, previews and videos coming out for each new issue and we hope you follow our journey and join in on the fun!

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