The New Hellboy Reboot is on its way!

Hellboy is coming out in 2019 and the media hype train has already begun. With the first official poster fans get to see David Harbour as Big Red for the first time. Harbour is best known for his role in Stranger Things as the Sheriff. Hellboy will see him transform using some of the most impressive prosthetics and effects seen on film. The original Hellboy that was directed by Guillermo del Toro was also very dedicated to making the main character look like he does in the comic books and did such a fantastic job that their effects team were nominated for an Oscar.

This new vision is being brought to the big screen by The Descent Director Neil Marshall and is being written by the original creator in Mike Mignola. This is the first Hellboy film to have that honor and it should bring a brand-new look to the character than we have seen in previous films. This movie is said to be a lot darker and grittier than the Del Toro vision, but it won’t be without its humor.

Fans are expecting to see some footage drop at New York Comic Con and we couldn’t agree more. It would be the perfect way to kick things off. This film will see Hellboy pitted against one of his most powerful enemies in the Blood Queen played by Milla Jovovich. The Blood Queen is an ancient sorceress who is back to seek revenge on the world.

Does this first official poster get you excited for the newest Hellboy? Let us know in the comments down below!