Fallout 76 BETA Test Timings released!

If you were looking forward to playing the next installation of Fallout you are in luck. The test windows for the “ Break-it Early Test Application” or BETA have been released. These tests are going to try and put as many people into the game as possible to strain the servers and see if they are able to handle the traffic.

This BETA is open only to those who have pre-ordered the game. It is also current available to Pre-load on XBOX One. This is helpful because the windows are not very long for testing, so this will help you not waste valuable time downloading the game when you should be playing it!

The windows are as follows:

US Pacific 4PM-8PM Tuesday 23 October

US Eastern 7PM-11PM Tuesday 23 October

UK Midnight-4AM Wednesday 24 October

Australia (Sydney Time) 10AM-2PM Wednesday October 24.

This test phase is for XBOX One users only. PS4 users will not have access to the BETA until the 30th of October.

There will also be more test times going forward for XBOX One, but they have not yet been released.

The best part about this BETA is that the whole game is released in its entirety and that any progress made during the BETA will be kept upon the games full release. This means you get to help the game perform better without wasting your time!

Are you going to be playing the Fallout 76 BETA? Let us know in the comments down below!