Game of Thrones Prequel gets Naomi Watts!

Game of Thrones is entering its final season on HBO next year. Filming has already finished, and the season will air in 2019. With that, HBO is going to be looking for something to fill its spot and it seems that a GoT prequel is what they have in mind.

There were about 5 pitches that were brought to HBO and this one made the cut. Starring Naomi Watts, the prequel brings us back to the time just after the Age of Heroes when Westeros entered its darkest time. Variety has reported that Naomi’s character is going to be the main protagonist as she plays a “charismatic socialite hiding a dark secret”. This kind of reminds of characters in The Game of Thrones world we know now, like Petyr Baelish or Lord Varys.

If this prequel stays true the game of thrones way, there is no telling how long Watts may last on the show, since it is not a show with the best job security. Fans will know that they shouldn’t get too attached to any characters because no matter how big their name they are not safe, just ask Sean Bean.

This show is being written by Jane Goldman who has been a producer on movies like Kick-Ass and Kingsman: The Secret Service. The Kingsman credentials give me some hope and could be good news for the show going forward.

There is not a lot of information out there about the show but as we get more we will give it too you!

Are you ready for a GoT prequel or just sad that the 8th season is our last look at this time of Westeros? Let us know in the comments down below!