David Harbour Joins Chris Hemsworth in New Movie Dhaka.

The Russo brothers have something else in the works other than the next Avengers movie. This time it is a war movie with the title Dhaka. The script was written by Joe Russo and is the directorial debut of Sam Hargrave who has worked with the Russo brothers in the past as a stunt double for Chris Evans as Captain America in Winter Soldier as well as a stunt coordinator. With this movie being an action war movie, I can see how Hargraves skill set could make this a great addition to the action genre.

Dhaka is the story about a boy that has been kidnapped and held within the most Impenetrable city on Earth. The main protagonist is Rake a mercenary who is described as having unrivaled skill and is most likely being played by Chris Hemsworth. David Harbour has been cast in the movie, but his role is still unknown. The movie centers around a drug war so Harbour could easily fall on either side of the conflict.


This is could be an amazing project with incredible action scenes and acting that could really make this a must see. With the Russo’s involved it would be hard to ignore. There is no release date for this film, but we are getting pretty excited for David Harbour to have more significant roles and seeing Chris Hemsworth as someone other than the God of Thunder.

Are you excited for Dhaka? Are you even more excited to be getting even more of David Harbour? Let us know in the comments down below.