Breaking Bad gets a Movie!

There was an announcement yesterday that said there is to be a Breaking Bad movie starting production and filming this fall. Not much is known about the film except for the fact that it is being written and possibly directed by the original show creator Vince Gilligan. This is some amazing news and Slash Film reports that Aaron Paul will be reprising his role as Jessie Pinkman as the plot of the movie is said to focus on “ the escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom”. This is in reference too the series finale when the last scene is Jessie speeding away from the place where he was held hostage by a gang.

This movie is said to be about 2 hours in length and will be made for TV with no intention of being in theaters. There is no confirmation that it will not be in theaters, but it is the most likely scenario. There is also no word about Bryan Cranston coming back to play Walter white after that amazing ending. However, it might have been just ambiguous enough for his return.

I personally do not think that Vince Gilligan would do that because he had a story he wanted to tell and wrote a great ending. Jessie Pinkman is interesting enough on his own and I would love to meet some new characters as he makes his escape. Going back to Albuquerque will be exciting and nostalgic even though Breaking Bad ended only 5 short years ago. We have all be waiting to see what happened to Jessie and we may now get our chance.


Are you excited for a Breaking Bad movie, or do you wish they would just leave it alone? Let us know in the comments down below!