The Journey of Killmonger! - Panel to Panel


Bryan Hill has poured his heart and soul into this series and you can immediately tell that his own fears and anger bleed through on every page. At the end of the issue when Bryan talks to us, he tells us where that fear and anger comes from, as well as why it needs to be used to tell this story. This is following the amazing success of Black Panther and could have easily been done in a way to just ride that wave. However, Hill takes a different approach. This issue tells us about a journey that we already know the ending of. The Black Panther movie shows us Killmonger in his final form, with his goal in reach. How did he get there, what path led him to be the man that he had become?

This issue does an amazing job showing us just how ruthless the world can be. Killmonger is an outcast and is consumed by fear, revenge, and anger. All of these feelings are vehicles to self-destruction, if you let them consume you. He will let nothing get between him and his dream and it torments him every step of the way. It’s invigorating watching the transformation of this boy into a man through the trail of fire and hatred. A path that turns you into something else. The stark contrast of the first page with Killmongers’ fight with Black Panther in ritual combat is the endpoint and the next page is just of an MIT grad with no scars and less pain.

This trip is going to be one for the ages. As Killmonger teams up with King, Knight, and Rook at the beck and call of Kingpin we see the beginnings of a journey that will test Erik and give him the tools necessary to complete his mission. Erik spends a lot of time in the issue being bested by the team he is about to join. Apart from his victory over his attackers in his apartment, Erik is on his back foot most of the issue. There is a clear distinction between who he is right now and who he will become.


I could not be more excited for the series and it is going to move quick since it is only 5 issues. I hope that you join us on our journey through the life of Erik Killmonger to see how one of the best villains in the MCU became what we saw in Black Panther.

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