The Witcher: Of Flesh and Blood Issue #1

This is the first issue in a new Witcher series featuring your favorite characters and a new quest before them. Geralt arrives and find an old friend in need of assistance. It seems this friend has had some trouble with a mysterious individual sneaking up in his tower where his daughter Celia’s chamber is. This is very troublesome because there in no way someone could get passed those guards! Being the wonderful Witcher Geralt is, they suspect something possibly dangerous. Geralt arrives at the Van Schagen Residence sometime later and hides away in the tower waiting for the mysterious individual to make an appearance once again. It seems this mysterious and dangerous individual is none other than Dandelion!

This makes for some playful banter with Geralt outing him as a man maybe playing Celia for her looks since it seems that Priscilla sent him packing. Dandelion has seemed to find himself in the possession of a magic trunk that has given him the ability to make it up into the tower undetected. Just by saying where he wishes to go the magic trunk whisks him away to wherever he says. There are summoning runes emblazoned on the trunk which dandelion so happily recites taking our friends on a journey far away from Novigrad and to this wonderful place of Ofieri where the king would like to see them.

This issue sets us on the path of a very interesting journey and I am more than excited to see whats next! This series is building up to be a good one. I hope that you are as interested as us to go on this journey and see what the world has in store for Geralt and our fair Dandelion.

The art style is beautiful to look at and the writer uses as few words as possible to get the scenes across. The first couple pages have almost no text at all. The art itself does an amazing job telling the story setting the writer up for success and building the world we all know an love. This team is going to bring great things to the page.