Panel to Panel - Cyber Force Issue #2


Hey guys Sean here back with another Episode of Panel to Panel.

Today we are going to be looking at the second issue of the Cyber Force as we continue to follow the story of Morgan Stryker and his daughter Carin.

Issue 2 starts off with Carin testing our her newly gained abilities that were given to her after she made the decision to let CDI save her dads life while also asking if they could change hers.

She seems to have the ability to run incredibly fast being clocked in at over 100 MPH. And it seems that they have done a bit more enhancing than just her legs. After she bursts through the barrier you can see that the same metal substance seems to have been added to her arms as well. Since she is wearing that suit, we don’t know how extensive the enhancements have been.


This issue also introduces us to one of CDI’s failed experiments with Killjoy. This part reminded me a lot of Captain America civil war with the Russians harboring a kill squad full of super soldiers. She has clearly been enhanced with the same metal as Carin and Stryker but didn’t fare as well in the mental health department. The Accuser, as she calls herself, has taken it upon herself to force Killjoy to join her team…. “join” may not be the right term. More like “voluntold”. However, more abilities of The Accuser have been shown to us as she appears to have X-ray vision as well as he ability to restore the memories. She uses these powers against Killjoy in an effort to remind her of her past life as a criminal. A criminal who got into a fatal accident, and was only saved when CDI decided to pump her full of those enhancements. It doesn’t seem to have gone well. This is enough to convince killjoy to work with The Accuser, and punish the world for their mistakes.

The Accuser is incredibly strong and makes quick work of Killjoy in bringing her to heel. And with more powers being shown all the time, who knows how powerful she truly is.

Another thing that is interesting about The Accuser which makes all villains good, is her conviction. She is completely obsessed with her moral crusade and holding those she feels evil accountable. Conviction and a false sense of self-righteous fury allows for villains to become very formidable. She seems like she might be the type of villain you would have to kill in order to stop her.

Look out for the review of Cyber Force Issue #3 on Monday, December 10th!