Fornite Cross-Platform Play!

On Saturday March 10, The Fortnite team over at Epic Games announced their planned partnership with Microsoft to feature cross platform play, cross-progression, and cross purchase, between Xbox one, PC, Mac, iOS and in the next few months Android. This means that the friend that is way better at the game than you but plays on the Xbox so he can’t carry you to victory on your PC is no longer a hurdle. This is part of Epic’s plan to bring to the game to as many people as they can across all platforms.

I am personally very excited because this allows me to play with friends that have been console users and never made the jump to PC gaming. I am very interested as to how this will change the dynamics of the gameplay as well as if there are inherent advantages to playing on one platform vs another. It will introduce a lot more players to the game as well as create fun new ways to play your favorite game with friends. This is also part of the move that Epic is adding Fortnite to the mobile world allowing users to play on their phones and tablets.

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