Here is what you need to know about Sea of Thieves!

Sea of Thieves is a new multiplayer game coming to Xbox one and PC next week on March 20th. It is an immersive experience with a chance to become the pirate you always wanted to be. Sea battles are on your horizon! The beta allowed 4 players per ship with the responsibility of repelling invaders, fixing your ship, fighting the enemy, or running to live and fight another day. From fighting on the sea to trekking across the many islands you come across looking for some treasure or other pirates to have some fun with, there is nowhere you can't go. The Seas will not always be calm and you must master your ship to master the ocean. You can fight in the storm or you can run if you feel more effective than your adversary. It will always be dangerous but it can be an amazing tool.

Between all the fighting and sea faring you will find something you enjoy. There is something for everyone no matter what you choose, fighting for glory or exploring to your hearts content. 

The beta left some things to be desired for a lot of players. Most of the complaints were about the repetitiveness of the game play. This was because only one of the trading companies was active during the open beta. There are many more things coming to the game upon launch, one of the more interesting to me are the Skeleton Islands. These islands are basically Sea of Thieves version of a raid. The island will send waves of skeletons to be defeated followed by the skeleton captain who will drop a key to the islands vaults upon being defeated. The reason this is so interesting is because the loot will be too much for one ship to carry. The idea being that you will have to work together with other crews to conquer the skeleton island. The other thing missing from the open beta was he introduction of the Pirate legend title and the benefits it affords. Not much is known at the moment but it will allow you to customize your ship as well as your clothing and allow you access to more difficult and rewarding quests to complete with your crew, even if they themselves are not Pirate Legend.

This game will follow the trend of micro-transactions following the launch. The good news is that all items that are sold in this shop will never affect player progression or ability and will be purely cosmetic in nature. The first items coming to the shop will be pets such as parrots and monkeys to follow you around on your journey.

THE KRAKEN! Yes there will be a Kraken in the world at all times just looking for its next bit of prey. It will give you notice by turning the ocean around you a different color and changing the music. Then it is up to you to defend your ship! It may very well take more than one crew to defeat the monster but there will be a hefty reward if you do. Rare has not told us what it is but you can be sure it will be great!

So that's it! A bunch of new content coming to a game that is anticipated by many. The fears of the open beta were the repetitive nature of the game play, but with these changes the world seems to be a lot more dynamic with much more going on. No matter if its skeleton raids or killing the Kraken, or just running into other pirates, this game is sure to be a lot of fun. So grab your crew and pull up that anchor, it's time to set sail!