New Avenger's Trailer is here!

The New Avenger's Infinity War trailer is here and it has a lot more footage than we have previously seen. The movie is coming out next month on April 27th since it was moved up a week. This new trailer gives us a look at the relationship between Gamora and Thanos and his plans to balance the Universe. Unlike in the comics where Thanos wants to wipe out half the life in the Universe to please Death Incarnate, Marvel seems to be going in the direction of the balancing the Universe by annihilating half of all life in it. They did keep the "snap of the finger" way of doing it with the Infinity Gauntlet which is amazing. This trailer also gave us more shots of the new Iron Man armor in action which was beautiful, but my favorite part of the trailer was the interaction between characters that have never met each other before. Watching Star-lord interact with Tony Stark was hilarious as well as Spider-Man and Dr. Strange. Marvel has always done this well, but character development and interaction with other heroes is what they do best, besides the action of course. 

This beautiful trailer also shows us Thor's replacement for his hammer, and a massive battle with Thanos and his legions of his Black Order, going against The Avengers and the Army of Wakanda. Having the ability to show all of these characters on screen at the same time and making the story cohesive and not overwhelming is a massive challenge, but one we can trust in the hands of Marvel studios. I hope everyone is as excited as I am for this movie. Nothing gets you more hyped than a new trailer with new footage to go through. April 27th is the date we will all be waiting for. The end is near!