Black Panther keeps on climbing at the box office.

Black Panther has surpassed $600 million at the domestic box office, putting it at 7th all time for grossing movies coming in behind Star Wars: The Last Jedi by a small margin. There is a good chance that it moves up a spot to number 6. It is also high on the list globally coming in at 14th. Raking in $1.182 Billion across its 5 weeks in theaters, putting it just behind Frozen and Fate of the Furious. The legs on the movies have been incredible, taking in the number 1 spot at the domestic box office all 5 weeks it has been on the big screen. It is a record setting movie on all accounts and a monumental success. It was a perfect lead up to the newest Avengers movie which comes out April 27th. Avengers had actually been moved up a week, mostly likely to capitalize on the success that Black Panther was having, driving even more ticket sales. 

Another record it has in its sights is the top grossing solo super hero movie of all time coming in right behind Iron Man 3. If it has another decent weekend it should have no problem surpassing that mark. All in all this movie is an absolute behemoth and if you have not seen it yet, I could not recommend it enough.