Justice League is the Lowest Grossing Movie in the DC Universe.

Justice league is officially the lowest grossing movie in the DC universe. It even comes in behind Suicide Squad which may have been one of the most boring movies I have ever seen. The entire universe has been doomed pretty much from the start. Man of Steel had some redeeming qualities, but other then Wonder Woman, every movie has fallen completely flat. BvS was terrible with few exceptions. The fact that they went after one of Superman’s greatest villains in the first get together of more than one of its characters is baffling. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has created a decades long blueprint of how to create and execute a superhero universe with almost no slip ups, and somehow DC cannot seem to get it right. Thor the Dark World is the weakest link and I would probably choose to watch it over any of the DC movies any day. It is tough to say because DC has some of the most amazing superheroes to choose from, but they have gone so far off the rails it seems like there is no hope to get things where they need to go. Wonder Woman was the best of the bunch and other than being a decent stand-alone movie, it contributes great success to a universe that will not be able to benefit from it because of all the failures. She cannot prop up the entire DC Universe by herself and makes going and seeing the latest DC movie almost pointless because the Universe is basically destined to die with a whimper.


There is going to have to be something incredibly dramatic to right this ship because if DC keeps going the way it is going then they will have produced almost no movies of note and will have been committing hundreds of millions of dollars to build a universe that will never turn them a profit. Justice League was supposed to be the big one that brought in everyone to see their favorite superheroes on screen and it just slipped into the dark becoming irrelevant within just a few months. Just for some perspective, the first Avengers movie topped $1.5 billion worldwide while Justice League made just $657 million. That is something that should give the studio pause and possibly rethink the way they are attacking this problem. I hear a reboot coming.