Rampage should tide me over until Avengers!

There is one movie coming out soon that has me giddy with nostalgic excitement that isn’t a superhero movie, and its called Rampage. Starring Dwayne Johnson, Rampage is a story about a primatologist (played by Johnson) whose primate friend George who is an extremely intelligent silver back gorilla that is victim to a genetic experiment that turns him into a King Kong type monstrosity. There is also a massive wolf and crocodile that join in on the fun as well. Johnson just wants his friend back to his normal self and teams up with a genetic engineer to create an antidote. This movie is most definitely going to be a destruction porn movie but has the elements to bring a little more to the table.


The reason I am so excited about this is because of the nostalgia I feel for the game of the same name that my friends and I played to exhaustion on the Nintendo 64. The game was about playing the 3 main characters named George, Ralph, and Lizzie; destroying the Scumlabs bases that turned them into the monsters that they are. Defeating the bases all over the world (and off world) was one of the most fun experiences I ever had on my N64.


If this movie pays enough homage to that game and is fun in the process, count me in. I am not expecting an Oscar winner here, but this is going to be a good movie to entertain my friends and I as we wait patiently for the Avenger’s: Infinity War to hit the big screen. If you are looking for a popcorn friendly movie with some good laughs and a good amount of fun, this is sure to be a movie for you!