Overwatch "Avoid as Teammate" tool

Yesterday Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan discussed a new feature that wasn’t supposed to come out until season 10, but his team made it happen sooner. This Feature is called Avoid as Teammate and allows users to choose 2 people that they will not be match with for 7 days in matchmaking. This is an attempt to give players more control of over their own gameplay by controlling the toxic players a little bit and at least not playing with someone who frustrated you during the last match. I kind of wish is a was a perma ban and you could just blacklist certain players from being on your team ever again, but I am sure the logistics of that would put a bit more stress on the system. This system is meant to be a middle ground between doing nothing and putting up with them and reporting someone.

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This could lead to longer queue times for higher level players with smaller pools of players, but at the lower tiers there should be no impact on wait times for matches. One of the functions of the system is to alert players that are ending up on the Avoid as teammate list could have longer wait times for matches due to the matchmaking system have to find a team for you with many people saying they do not want to be on your team. If you get put on that list by many people you will actually receive a warning that you could experience longer waits and should attempt to change any behavior that led you to this point. With all that being said, I am interested how the system changes player toxicity and how people attempt to abuse the system.