V3.4 Patch notes are here and it’s a doozy! So many great changes being implemented to improve the use experience. One of the biggest updates is the addition of the Guided Missile Launcher. It is going to do the same damage as a normal rocket but it is going to travel slower, and your avatar has to stay in place while it is being controlled in flight. Once you leave flight mode the rocket will continue on the trajectory you left it on. LTM Sniper 2.0 has seen some upgrades as well! This was one of my favorite modes they have released. It added the hunting rifle and crossbow and took away the Magnum. This could make for some really fun games. The boogie bomb has been fixed and is now re-enabled in the game! Disco Disco! One of the bug fixes I am very excited about is changing the way certain objects like bushes to pop in and out of view at medium range which had made my butt pucker a time or two in some matches.


Also, no more crouching and leaving your headgear dangling in the air. They also made a lot more interactions feel smoother like opening chests and making tap to shoot much more accurate! Good bye bloom! Also their have been changes to the shotgun rarity levels that are more inline with their dmg out put. Tactical shotguns are now common, uncommon, and rare. The pump shotgun is now uncommon and rare.  AND one of the bigger changes that I loved in their LTM Blitz, is an increased drop rate of the Jump Pad by 25%. Time to make some plays!

This is a very extensive patch and has a lot in it. Those are the main points but you can go to Epic’s website to get the full breakdown of what is going live in Fortnite Battle Royale!