How to win in Fortnite. It's simple...Kinda

It has happened to you before. You are trying to get better at Fortnite and you Land at tilted towers with 1 million other people. The race is on. You see that 9 other people have landed in the same building as you as you rush for a weapon. No matter how many floors you check there is nothing. NOTHING. And then someone walks up to you and somehow has a grenade launcher and a green pump shotgun and blows you away. Now this does't just happen one time, it happens about 4 times in a row. This is the most frustrating thing about an otherwise amazing game. It has its flaws just like every other game but this one things gets me so bad every time. I am never more triggered than moments after running around with my pick ax scavenging for a weapon that APPARENTLY ISN'T THERE, just to be blown away.

Have no fear, it gets better. This used to happen to me all the time but as I got better at the game it became less and less frequent. You too can land and live for at least 5 minutes with some practice. This article is not for the people who sit in a bush or crouch in a room and don't move for about 10 minutes, but if you enjoy the fight, listen up. Keep doing it. Drop in to tilted 30 times in a row, hit the same building every time, learn where the loot is, and then you can begin to increase your chances. It is all about getting better, not winning. If you want to get better you have to fight....A LOT. Building and shooting are the only way to get better at building and shooting. If you ask any top player as so many do during their streams, you get the same answer. Grind. This is the only way to improve.

It took me about 10 hours of game play to get my first win. No hiding, just fighting until the end. You will improve exponentially if you just continue to fight. Learn the weapons that work for you and you enjoy using and fight. If you find yourself hiding rather than running at someone you will not get better. I have caught myself many times hiding instead of rushing someone. I have to actually tell myself. Go build you big baby and fight them. It has worked. Tremendously. Every fight I get into is more and more in my favor because I have learned how to engage effectively and put my opponent at a disadvantage. Do I still die in tilted towers within in the first 3 minutes, sometimes. More often than not, I am moving on to the next circle with 5 kills under my belt and you can too!