Incredibles 2 in theaters June 15th!

It will have been almost 15 years since the 1st Incredibles movie was released becoming one of the most beloved superhero movies ever and this June is is back! Picking up seemingly right where the 1st one ended, the Underminer challenges the Parr family, but Jack Jack challenges them even more. This sequel seems to be about Elastigirl taking the spotlight in the superhero realm while Mr. Incredible takes the stay at home father role to watch after Jack Jack, or at least tries too. I am so excited for this movie, and the fact that it took this long to make is a shame. Pixar always has its hands full so I grateful they finally got around to bringing back one of the best movies they have ever made. The Incredibles comes out June 15th, I can't wait to be the tallest one in the theater by a mile!