Review: Far Cry 5


Far Cry 5 is a game that in my eyes represents what the industry should be. It’s visually stunning, the gameplay is great, and the story pulls you right in. A far cry (heh) from the campaignless microtransaction driven multiplayer giants the industry has shifted toward. I will have to admit, this is my first foray into the world of Far Cry. At 60 dollars a piece, prior to any season pass, I am super super picky about video games. I am happy to say, however, this beautiful and tragic portrayal of life in a totalitarian controlled rural America did not disappoint me in any way when I let it break my dry spell.


First and foremost, as alluded to above, this game is gorgeous. From densely packed forests, to treacherous mountain crags. Even serene farm side ponds. Every part of the game I have wandered into so far has been beautifully rendered. The lighting and shading on your first helicopter ride into Hope county through a rainstorm were certainly eye catching, but so too is the games representation. The slow reveal through the fog of Joseph Seed de la Concordia was executed in the true cinematic fashion that I have come to expect from a AAA game. And your first encounter with Seed in his dimly lit parish will be burned into your memory.

Joseph Seed, like so many people in the real world, is frightening to me for one core reason. He truly believes what he is doing is what is best for those around him, and for that reason he will never, ever stop. He knows what is best for you, you just have to say yes and repent your sins. Well, you might be asked to torture, drug, or murder anyone who disagrees with him too. His followers, whether they came willingly or not, will rabidly defend his cause.


As the story unfolds throughout your slow liberation of Hope County, all along the way you meet a wonderful cast of characters. Some particularly memorable, some utterly hilarious, but others kind of a nuisance. That’s life isn’t it? There is nothing more important to me in a game than the story, and Ubisoft really nailed this one with some great action to boot.

I don’t like to spoil. Sure, the game has been out for a few weeks, but hey, a lot of the fun is seeing it for yourself. People familiar with the series may see it as just another Far Cry, but for me this was one wild ride from the opening sequence. It really didn’t slow down for much, either. Other than fishing and, my arch nemesis – Travel time. I love big, open world games, but nothing kills the mood faster than having to go to the other side of the map, and NOT having unlocked a fast travel spot nearby. The occasional long walk aside, Far Cry 5 does it’s best to make you feel like the ultimate badass. Being the average Joe can be really cool, or evolving from the average Joe to the average demigod in an RPG. But Far Cry just feels like a blast from the get go. Whether you approach a situation with subtlety, or not, it usually doesn’t make a difference unless someone needs rescuing. So, I tend to lean towards causing some chaos, and the game does not let me down. If you want a little more action, recruit Hurk first. And please, listen to everything he has to say. He’s just delightful.


The companions of Far Cry 5 can be a little hit or miss. Some are cool, but fairly shallow. Others are literal killing machines. Peaches and Cheeseburger certainly spoke to the five year old in me that thinks its totally awesome to have a pet cougar or grizzly bear. A good deal of the dialogue between some of the others (please use Hurk) were so funny I was nearly in tears. And of course, there is Boomer, the goodest damn boy a guy can ask for. Any game that gives you a dog immediately gets points in my book, especially if you can pet him. Which, spoiler alert, you can.

With memorable characters, a dark taste of reality in the story’s inspiration, and plenty of humor peppered into it, Far Cry 5 knocked it out of the park in pretty much every category as far as I’m concerned. I know I will definitely be picking up the next installment of the series, and I highly recommend giving this one a shot if you haven’t yet.

Have you had a chance to play Far Cry 5 yet? If so, let us know what you thought in the comments below!