Twitch Prime: Free Games for April!

April is here and you know what that means!!! More free games! Twitch prime just released their 5 games for free for the month and I am going to break them down a bit for you to see which ones you might want to play. Let’s get started, and if you like this series leave a comment or a like below to let us know we should keep doing it! If you want to be able to get these games for free click here and sign up for Twitch Prime!


SteamWorld Dig 2:  This is a platform mining adventure that takes you down into the depths beneath the town the protagonist is from. It is up to this steam bot and her companion to figure out what is causing the tremors beneath them. You Dig your way into the beautifully designed world beneath your feet to combat enemies that remain from an ancient electrical threat. You are able to upgrade your loadout as you venture further into the ground to conquer larger challenges and enemies. One of your abilities is Hookshot which allows you to span large gaps and channels and you can use your Jetpack to make quick work of the caves. In the end you will get some closure about your long-lost friend. This is a beautiful game with great mechanics and a rich world. It has received 9/10 scores from almost all the news outlets in gaming. It is out now for free with twitch prime and is available on the Nintendo Switch, PS4/Vita, and the Nintendo 3DS.

Kingsway: If you are nostalgic for the operating systems of the 1990’s then I would love to suggest this game to fill that void. It is a fantasy role-playing game the is played through the interface of an operating system. It is very strange but completely original. You can collect loot, defeat enemies and progress. It is a very interesting take on what a game can be and is different from anything I have seen recently. Definitely worth checking out!

Tales from the Borderlands: One of the most critically acclaimed games from the last couple of years, Tales from the Borderlands takes place after Borderlands 2 as you embark on an adventure with Rhys and Fiona on 2 separate tracks of the same story so you can see both sides. Filled with enemies, vaults, Atlas Tech and more. Download this game to uncover a massive mystery and have a blast in the process. Available on the PC/Mac, Xbox One/360, PS3\PS4, as well as on moble.

Tokyo 42: This game has an amazing style and soundtrack to it which so many people will love. It is set in a future Tokyo where you play as an assassin that uncovers a conspiracy that has much larger implications. It has an open-world single player as well as competitive multiplayer and allows you to buy different weapons to dispose of your enemies. I will say one of the best things about the game is a soundtrack and music design. If you want, you can just get the soundtrack! Available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Dubwars: If you liked Galaga you with love this game. It syncs your shooting with the music that was produced by so many dubstep and electronic artists. The style is beautiful and it looks like an incredible time. I have not actually played this game yet, but after writing about it, I think I might have to. One of the features that is core to the game and makes is so challenging is because you are limited to firing to the beat of the music. This creates moments where you have to use the tempo to destroy your enemies and live through the slow parts of the song. Definitely check this game out!

All of these games are free with Twitch Prime, so take advantage of the offer if you can!