The God of War Bundle is a Nordic Masterpiece


With yesterday's release of God of War, of course came the release of a God of War Special Edition PS4 Pro. This thing is beautiful! The top of the console is styled with Kratos’ epic new Leviathan Axe head, and it does not disappoint! Simple, yet elegant, runes wrap all around the console, and line the blade of the axe. With a gilded Norse ribbon across the face of the console, and beautiful Norse runes across the bottom. This Playstation is gorgeous to behold, and the matching controller is equally pleasing.

The controller, matching the white and grey tones of the console, itself has a Nordic symbol on the right hand side. Paired with a matching God of War logo on the touch pad. Aesthetics aside, it’s your every day average PlayStation controller. But man, this thing is pretty!


Included in the package is the usual wired headset, and an HDMI cable  - which I found to be a pleasant surprise. The console has 1tb of storage space, and includes the full game with extra in-game items... for only 399! I found this to be a pretty sweet deal! Plus, I can finally connect to my 5 GHz WiFi network instead of the 2.5 GHz network, which was definitely a plus when downloading the obligatory day one updates. Whether your PS4 is on it’s last leg like mine was, or if you are still kicking the proverbial can around playing your old PS3, this bundle was worth the money so keep an eye out for a good deal!