God of War Has Annihilated My Free Time

Well everyone, we’ve finally had enough time with the game to write this review. The epic, and brutal, new entry in the critically acclaimed series, God of War. The series turns 13 this year, and the long awaited return to the world of God of War is truly phenomenal. The lush vivid world presents stunning displays of an ancient Norse wilderness, and introduces players to imaginative realms rooted deep in the Norse mythos as we follow our protagonists through hell (figuratively and literally) to complete their solemn quest.


The story begins with the funeral of Faye, Kratos second wife and Atreus’ mother. It is implied almost immediately that Kratos and the boy are somewhat estranged. They don’t seem to know each other very well, and the surly godslayer doesn’t exactly make for an inviting father figure. But with Faye deceased, they will now have to work together to complete her dying wish - to bring her ashes to the highest peak in all the realms. It doesn’t take long however, for the quest to become far more complicated. It all starts with a visit from a mysterious stranger. Anyone versed in Norse mythology may be able to guess his identity, but be warned, you may spoil a little too much for yourself if you read up on the subject. This game is shockingly accurate when it comes to the Norse mythos.


Once the stranger has been dealt with, the adventure truly begins to unfold while Kratos and Atreus hone their skills. The escort mission mechanic is more along the lines of The Last of Us, with the boy helping Kratos defeat hordes of draugr, the Norse undead, on top of a plethora of mythic beasts and monsters. The game play has been tweaked to accommodate Kratos’ new(ish) Leviathan Axe, made by the same dwarven smiths who forged Thor’s mighty hammer Mjolnir. Who, for the record, are hilarious. I have to say, the changes have made this game a tremendous amount of fun. All the while you chop your way through enemies, Atreus attacks from afar with his bow. And, as the game progresses and he learns to fight, you will be progressively more thankful to have him along. Combat in God of War lives up to the title and is fairly punishing even on normal. I have come to accept the fact that every new enemy I meet will probably kill me in the first encounter. The game does however feel extremely rewarding as a result. The boss fights are all terrifically done with beautiful cinematography. My one qualm was a certain ship related experience on your second trip through Helheim. It became very repetitive.

As I have said before, I am super picky about video games. But whether you are a fan of the series, or a newcomer, this was without a doubt worth the price. God of War has returned to the forefront of the gaming industry with a brutal and unforgiving vengeance in a heavily story and character driven game. It has definitely felt far more expansive than the previous titles with not one, but several worlds to thoroughly explore, coming and going as you please. The series has matured significantly since its first entry, and I highly recommend giving this one a try. The gameplay mechanics are an absolute blast. If you feel like spending a little more money you could pickup the special edition PS4 Pro, styled in Norse runes with the Leviathan axe imprinted on the top. If you’ve already had a chance to pick it up, let us know your thoughts in the comments below!