Fortnite - State of Mobile Update - Android Release Soon!

Two months after the initial announcement, there is finally new information regarding Fortnite Mobile! Outside of patch notes containing various bug fixes, that is. Epic released a blog post yesterday detailing their intentions with the mobile version of Fortnite.


In that post, Epic covered everything from a customizable HUD and voice chat, to an Android release! Check it out:

"Fortnite is coming to Android!

We are targeting this summer for the release. We know many of you are excited for this release, and we promise that when we have more information to share, you’ll hear it from us first."

Not that much longer, folks! Soon, no one will be able to escape the Fortnite craze! From offices to ballparks, we will all be able to enjoy the game that so many have come to love.

Customizable HUD

In addition to an update on the status of an Android release, Epic also talked about various other goodies they plan to implement. Such as a customizable HUD to allow you to make playing the game on mobile more comfortable for yourself. I think, after the Android release, this is the biggest info to come out of this blog post. Smartphones come in various shapes and sizes, and not everyone holds them in the same way. Having the ability to change the button layout will be crucial to getting that sweet, sweet Victory Royale. 

-Epic Games

-Epic Games

Voice Chat

What's more annoying than trying to tell your teammate that there is an enemy sniper, and then getting hit by that very same enemy before your teammate could help? Nothing, really. Well, fear no more! In this post, Epic has acknowledged that communication is key, and that they are working on a solution.

"We know that communication is key when you’re squadding up for that Victory Royale, so we’re working to bring voice chat to mobile. On top of that, you’ll be able to chat with your teammates regardless of platform!

We’re also looking to make it really easy to mute yourself, other players, or open up all communications with a simple tap. There will be a button on the screen that lets you mute yourself, mute everyone in your party, or go back to open-microphone."

Other Improvements


We’re continuing to work on improvements. Some upcoming examples include improving Autorun and adding better ways to fire. Once we roll out these changes, we’ll add options to the settings so you can try them out and see what works best for you!


We are aware of the large installation size of Fortnite on mobile and are working to reduce that size. Over the next few updates we’ll be compressing the size down while maintaining performance. We’ll be making overall patch sizes smaller and adding the ability to download the content in the background!


We see some areas where game performance can can be improved. We’re fixing code to optimize the experience (e.g. increase graphic quality), as well as adding a Battery-Saver mode which will allow you increased performance if you choose to lower the graphic quality. It’s our first implementation of this option and we’ll continue to improve upon it.


Many of you have asked for stat tracking on mobile. We are working to improve our stats servers so we can handle many more players, including those on mobile. We’re looking to enable this sometime this summer, once we are confident the improvements are performing up to our expectations. 


Finally, stability is still one of our chief concerns. With every update we’re working to fix crashes and other issues as you report them. If you’re regularly running into stability issues, please let us know using the “Feedback” button in-game.

I know that once Fortnite hits Android, I will be eagerly hitting that install button. What do you think of this State of Mobile update? Let us know in the comments below!