There is a new Star wars movie, and sadly, I don't care.

The stand-alone Han Solo movie is headed for the lowest box office opening of a Star Wars film ever. This is especially troubling considering the fact that this is a long weekend. The estimates put the opening between $130 million and $150million. The previous record holder for lowest opening Memorial Day weekend was Pirates of the Caribbean: At world’s End with $139.8 million not adjusted for inflation.

I hope this shows that just because it has Star Wars in the title, it isn’t automatically going to bring in the massive numbers that the newest trilogy has brought in. I also wish that they would stop making movies like this and focus on the trilogy a lot more. I cannot see how this movie will kick up any suspense since we already know the outcome of the characters people will care about. It is also going to be hard to see anyone playing the role of Han Solo other than Harrison Ford. In the trailer there is a scene where Chewbacca is dangling from a train about to come face to face with a cliffside. Let me spoil it for you….I bet he lives.

People should demand more from their movie going experience. Pumping out movies with Star Wars in the title is only going to work for so long. Don’t get me wrong, if the plot and script are amazing you can definitely pull of a good movie, like Rogue One did. It wasn’t my favorite movie, but it was interesting enough to see a movie about a story that no one had seen before. I do not have high expectations for Solo and the movie is already getting mixed reviews. I will most likely not see this movie because it has done nothing to make me feel any sense of wonder or excitement and seems to be riding completely off the name Star Wars.