Solo: A Star Wars Bomb

It seems that I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t interested in the next iteration of the Star Wars anthology film Solo: A Star Wars Story. The film released over the Memorial Day weekend and saw a much lower than expected Box Office return. According to Box Office Mojo, Solo has taken in $103 million as of yesterday. This is almost $30 million less than the low-end expectation. People are already talking about if this will change Disney’s strategy with these anthology films. I have a feeling it is only going to get worse for Solo due to the fact that it is most likely going to see a higher than average drop off next weekend.

solo pic.jpg

It was a crowded weekend with both Avengers and Deadpool on the ticket as well. This is still cause for concern. There is also news that there is a Boba Fett film in the works as well which is very interesting. One of the characters that is loved but has never actually had anything to do in the films. His armor is cool and apparently that is enough for some folks. I think that people should be demanding more from studios instead of less. With an estimated production cost of $250 million this has become the most expensive Star Wars film to date, trumping even A Force Awakens. With a price tag like that, it is unlikely to be a big profit center considering the film also bombed overseas.


This is most likely going to change the way that these films are made in the future as well as which stories they pursue. Star Wars needs to go in one direction, forward. The only way going back in time would work is to do more films like Rogue One or to go so far back like the KOTR days. Until then, I will be waiting for the next film to come out because I will not be seeing Solo that’s for sure.

Let me know if you liked the movie in the comments below and why you think it didn’t perform very well!