Treasure Tunes: Through Juniper Vale

Nashville based Indie Pop band, Through Juniper Vale is perhaps one of the groups you’ve never heard of that you should definitely give a chance. Classifying themselves as a “music and art project continually exploring the meaning of home”, the collaboration between singer/songwriter Sarah Wood, songwriter/producer Vian Izak, and visual artist Hein Zaayman is something truly unique that serves as a breath of fresh air to the contemporary music soundscape. This distinctiveness is accomplished by the way in which the group embraces their talents both musically and visually to tell a story across multiple forms of media. Currently, their artwork and music focuses on the adventures of Sarah Jane and her giant turtle Senalala as they travel through the overgrown world that is Juniper Vale.

Through Juniper Vale Home Panel - Gabriel Ochoa Diaz.png

Together, the talents of the trio are on full display as their percussive, beguiling, and catchy music is accompanied by beautiful hand drawn panels that truly bring you into the world that they’ve lovingly created. Although each one of these artistic offerings can stand alone in their own right as beautiful expressions of a narrative, something truly magical happens when the two are put together. Zaayman’s depictions of Sarah Jane and Senelala traveling through dilapidated ruins, overgrown forests, and unique locales accompanied by the siren-like vocals of Wood over Izak’s dynamic percussion come together beautifully over the 9 song arc that the group has currently released. Listening intently to the music and moving from panel to panel, it becomes clear that painstaking attention to detail has gone into telling the tale of Sarah Jane and Senelala. The narrative tapestry that Wood, Izak, and Zaayman have woven together through sheer passion and vision is something that should at least be given a chance whether you’re a fan of art, music, or fantastical new worlds. So, with that, why not take a short journey Through Juniper Vale by clicking on one of the links below? (Offical Website) (Youtube)