The Fortnite Season 4 Breach

If you’ve played Fortnite recently, then you know about all the strange occurrences that have been happening since The Visitor launched the rocket. All of which, we can assume, are to feed the hype for Season 5.


Season 4 of Fortnite Battle Royale started off with a bang. Literally. A meteor crashed into the middle of the map, drastically changing the landscape of the Fortnite. Over the course of 7 weeks, the meteorite broke apart revealing a capsule at the center. Following the release of the blockbuster skin “The Visitor,” a prop rocket located on the western side of the map underwent modification. Then came the countdown. When the timer reached zero, Epic Games held the first ever Live Event within Fortnite. On Saturday June 20th, at 1:30 PM EST, the event began. If you haven’t had the opportunity to see it, check it out here.


Since the breach was opened, smaller rifts have been appearing on landmarks across the map. After a certain amount of time, those rifts would expand and consume the landmark they were located on. So far, the rifts have consumed the Lonely Lodge sign, the Motel Sign, the Tomato Town mascot, the NOMS sign in Retail Row, and the Durrr Burger mascot in Greasy Grove. In addition to removing landmarks, the rifts have also been adding new points of interest. The first new addition is an anchor that can be found on the mountain east of Snobby Shores. The newest rift, located on a hill north east of the prison, brought in a horse-drawn carriage.

It doesn’t stop there. On July 6th, Twitter user and Photographer Sela Shiloni allegedly stumbled across the Durrr Burger mascot located in the middle of the desert in southern California. Sela claims to have come across the burger while scouting shoot locations for an upcoming photoshoot, however reddit users are under the impression that Epic Games hired the photographer to "discover" the burger.

Since the discovery of the burger, a country-wide investigation has been launched to solve the mystery that spans from video game to real life. Everything that has happened so far all but confirms the popular theory that Season 5 will be time-travel themed. Now, whether that means we will get a new map, or a heavily modified version of the current map, is still under debate. Only time will tell what Season 5 will bring.

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