The Meg hits theaters this weekend!

The Meg stars Jason Statham has he tries to destroy the unimaginable threat of one of the dangerous prehistoric predators, the Megalodon. This 75 Foot shark is absolutely enormous and thought to be extinct for millions of years. It was once the apex predator of the sea and is working on reclaiming that title. Statham plays the protagonist Jonas Taylor as he attempts to rescue a research team trapped in the submersible vehicle at the bottom of the ocean after being attack by THE MEG. The story seems like a pretty predictable one and doesn’t inspire much. This is sure to be good fun especially for those who like a silly action move they can turn their brain off too. The reviews aren’t the best and it wasn’t to be expected. Hopefully, this movie can entertain you through its long 2 hour run time and not put you to sleep. Watch the trailer down below and let us know if you are going to see it this weekend!