Treasure Tunes (The Ballroom Thieves)

Boston based Indie Folk group; The Ballroom Thieves is a dynamic trio of musicians that you shouldn’t miss out on. At their core, the trio is made up of Cellist/Vocalist “Callie” Peters, Guitarist/Vocalist Martin Earley, & Percussionist/Vocalist Devin Mauch. Even with this minimalist setup, the synergy between the bands three members’ results in an original sound that blends together influences from indie folk, jazz, pop, and rock into something that is not only haunting and captivating, but full of emotion.

The Ballroom Thieves Band Logo - Gabriel Ochoa Diaz.jpg

In fact, listening to the trio’s music it becomes clear that they are focused on not only creating quality work that is catchy and pervasive but, also maintains the revelatory spirit of American Folk Music. Over the past 7 years, they’ve made tremendous strides in delivering their craft to audiences nationwide through “marathons of touring, performing at festivals such as “Boston Calling”, and claiming real estate on various popular Spotify playlists such as “Your Favorite Coffeehouse, Relax & Unwind, and Morning Acoustic”. Now with the release of their EP; Paper Crown, the group “under the cover of vintage jazz-style, reflects feelings of rootlessness from four nomadic years, bouts of depression, and the ever-looming specter of political unrest hanging over the country”.

Collectively, the way in which the three musicians come together on each track is something that can only be described as emotions made into music. The sometimes heartbreaking vocals on full display by the trio blend together perfectly with the large sweeping harmonies played by Peters and Earley which alongside Mauch’s infectious rhythms beckons the audience to listen.  The counterpart to this captivating musical framework are the lyrics that the trio presents that often tell stories of life on the road, political unrest, and struggling with finding balance in a world that can often times be chaotic and filled with uncertainty. Even with the somber tonality and focus of their message however, The Ballroom Thieves excel in still creating music that is upbeat, jovial, and catchy creating a beautiful contrast that is in itself reflective of life, while simultaneously reminding us that some light can always shine through the darkness. So, why not let these thieves steal a little bit of your time by clicking on the links below? (Official Website) (Twitter) (Spotify)