Treasure Tunes (Makeshift Prodigy)

Makeshift Prodigy Illuminate Cover Art.jpg

            Hailing from the “windy city”, Chicago based alternative rock band; Makeshift Prodigy is one group that may have slipped under your radar in previous years. Classifying their music as “a manifestation of pure expression”, the five member band does exactly that in each one of their musical offerings provided by Anthony Bagnara (vocalist/pianist/guitarist), Brandon Fox (vocals/sampling), Jacob Foy (guitarist), Joe Bauer (Percussionist), and Christian Kwitkowski (bassist).” To date, the group has released two albums titled “Welcome to the World” and “Mathematica” as well as their EP “Illuminate” while touring nationwide and garnering the attention of record labels such as Atlantic Records.

            While listening to each one of their songs, it becomes clear that although Makeshift Prodigy has the traditional alternative rock band setup in their instrumentation, they always try to find new ways to differentiate their sound. Makeshift Prodigy accomplishes this differentiation by heavily distorting their melodies, introducing lengthy harmonic passages that break up their choruses, and also anchoring their songs in strong driving percussion that brings it all together in an incredibly ambient and emotional sounding package. The instrumentation is complimented phenomenally by the almost ethereal tone that Bagnara and Fox’s vocals carry across all of their songs which cover topics from living life in the pursuit of enlightenment, chasing your dreams, and even dealing with life’s hardships such as heartbreak and loss. When these elements come together, Makeshift Prodigy provides their listeners with a diverse and captivating soundscape that when listened to take you on a musical journey that is not only energetic and exciting but also soothing and contemplative at the same time. So, why not take some time out of your day and give Makeshift Prodigy a listen by clicking on one of the links below?


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