Treasure Tunes (Joseph)

Joseph Trio Photo.png

     Modern day Minstrels hailing from Portland Oregon, “Joseph” is a trio that you should definitely add to your Spotify Playlist. Made up of three sisters, Alison, Meegan, and Natalie Closner, are on a creative mission to bring their “honest words and genetically perfected harmonies” to the soundscape of contemporary music. Joseph is a group that personifies the American Folk genre with their minimal instrumentation, focus on lyrical storytelling, and masterfully blended harmonies that are simultaneously evocative and mesmerizing.

            Officially formed back in 2014, the sibling trio has carved out a unique identity for themselves while garnering more and more popularity while touring across the country, performing at festivals such as “Coachella”, and even being featured on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and Ellen.” To date, “Joseph” has released three studio albums and one EP all displaying the beautiful synergy that can only be accomplished by siblings that perform together. Collectively, the vocal stylings and songwriting skills of the three sisters are something that truly captures the feelings of living in a small town, life on the road, and the ways in which the hardships they’ve experienced have strengthened their bond all in glorious three-part harmony. Listening to each one of their tracks, it becomes clear that the group is focused on conveying their message of love, sisterhood, and living life to its fullest through their “siren” like harmonies accompanied by simple yet driving and impactful percussion. Ultimately, when the three sisters come together, the results are unique songs that tell captivating stories which take you on a journey that is almost downright ethereal. With that, why not experience the power of family with Joseph by clicking on one of the links below? (Official Website) (Facebook) (Twitter) (Spotify)

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