Treasure Tunes (Chris Borelli)

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Whether or not you’re a fan of Rap or Hip Hop, Boston based artist, Chris Borelli is definitely someone you should give a listen to. Furthering the tradition of storytelling through music, Borelli conveys his message confidently through carefully crafted lyrics and enticing music that lures you into his narrative. As an independent artist/producer, Chris Borelli “writes to inspire, creates to liberate, and lives to be remembered all for the love of music.” In fact, Borelli’s brand of storytelling has slowly been gaining more and more recognition over the years “earning him invitations to the Vans Warped Tour in the summers of 2012 & 2013, as well as providing him with opportunities to open up for artists such as T-Pain, Waka Flocka, and Andy Grammer.”  

With the release of his most recent single; “Stickup”, Chris challenges the now typical luxury focused and conceited style of hip-hop music that has been popularized, by juxtaposing it against his own decisions to remain humble and modest even when faced with his own rising popularity. This notion of humility is what serves as the crux of Borelli’s music as his songs offer insight about his life experiences growing up below the poverty line, within foster care, and how music has helped him to discover his unique voice. Across his 99 track repertoire, Chris is able to tell the story of his own trials and tribulations on the road to success, through lyrics that are direct and impactful, music that is diverse, and with a fluidity that is seldom heard in rap today.

Moreover, Chris conveys his message without flooding his lyrics with expletives, derogatory words, or bragging about the material things that success have brought him, all in line with his pursuit of creating content that is “pure, honest, and relatable.” He instead chooses to be provocative by going against the current standard of rap music by shining a spotlight on issues that anyone in the pursuit of their dreams can relate to. So, for the love of music, why not give Chris Borelli a listen by clicking on one of the links below? (Official Website) (Soundcloud) (Twitter)