Fortnite Fall Skirmish Coming Soon!

Fortnite Fall Skirmish is coming soon, here is what we know about it already. Epic stated in a tweet yesterday that the next season of skirmish is just around the corner with more details coming later this week. The Season is going to see an increase in prize pool from 8 million to 10 million as well as shortening the season to 6 weeks down from 8. This means each week is going to see even more cash handed out the players.


The best thing is that recent changes to in game mechanics as well as the addition of new items is sure to make things more interesting. With the introduction of the grappling hook players can show off their skills by getting highlight worthy kills or use the item to escape the grasp of death.

The storm doing damage to built structures is also going to the change the nature of the endgame drastically and make things possibly even more chaotic which will be good for fans because turtling can be boring sometimes.

Another major change is the introduction of the silenced assault rifle as well as the drum gun being vaulted. The spray and pray meta might be coming to an end or at least see it fall off a little bit which means that skill is going to matter much more. You might not see yourself die as much to bad players who just have an endless supply of rounds to burn through your building, possibly making building even more advantageous.

We should know more about the fall skirmish later this week, but these changes already have me excited! More money up for grabs plus even more aggressive play could make for a much better viewing experience for fans and harder competition for players.

Let us know if you are excited for the Fall Skirmish to begin in the comments down below!