Treasure Tunes (Professor Caffeine & The Insecurities)

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Boston Based Five Piece Progressive Emo/Power Pop Band; Professor Caffeine & The Insecurities is a band that you should definitely give a listen if you’re a fan of all things nerdy and musically innovative. Formed back in 2014 within the South Shore region of New England, the group of Paul Gaughran, Dan Smith, Anthony Puliafico, Jesse Stiglich, and Derek Tanch have been busy making a name for themselves by performing all throughout New England and bringing their “signature combination of erratic progressive hardcore and post-emo singalong worthy rock and roll” to as many listeners as possible with the release of two EP’s and a modest number of singles.

            Describing themselves as “a bunch of nerds who could play instruments that got drunk together and decided to start a band” it becomes clear that the band is not afraid to present itself honestly and humorously even though their style of music is one that is typically associated with darker tones and emotions. Moreover, Professor Caffeine’s unique brand of light-hearted charm is injected into everything that they do whether it be during a live performance or on one of their tracks. In fact, with song titles like “P.K. Thundah”, “Do a Barrel Roll!!”, and “You’re My Mary Jane, Not My Gwen Stacy (I won’t accidentally kill you)”, it becomes even more clear that Professor Caffeine & The Insecurities is a band that is unafraid of expressing who they are unabashedly with absolutely no interest in conforming to the image of a “traditional rock band”.

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            There is much more to Professor Caffeine than nerdy humorous song titles, however, as the actual sound of the band is something that truly serves as a refreshing take on a genre that has become incredibly saturated over the course of the past decade. Across the entirety of their musical offerings, thematically Professor Caffeine & The Insecurities absolutely check off all of the traditional requirements expected of the emo genre of music, with a healthy blend of hard-hitting emotionally charged lyrics, “screaming”, and masterful instrumental breakdowns, but, they do so in a way that is upbeat and just makes you want to get up and dance from track to track. This marvelous subversion of a typically darker genre of music is made possible by the wonderfully complex harmonies, rhythms, and melodies that the band leverages in each one of their musical offerings. Remarkably, this level of complexity never overwhelms the listener with a “wall of sound” effect but, through the meticulous control and synergy that the band demonstrates over every track, it becomes something that can only be described as one of a kind. So, why not give Professor Caffeine & The Insecurities a listen by clicking on one of the links below? (Bandcamp) (Facebook) (Youtube)


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