Marvel TV series coming to Disney Streaming Service!

Marvel TV series coming to Disney Streaming Service. There have been many shows on Netflix, Hulu and other tv channels where Marvel has made its impact. However, all of those shows never have any bearing on the MCU. This is something that might be changing. Both Elizabeth Olsen and Tom Hiddleston are reported to have projects for this new Disney streaming service in the works. They are both reprising their roles of Scarlet witch and Loki respectively.


The reason this is going to be different is because all other Marvel TV projects have large budgets, but they are never able to secure that big screen talent. This time around the large budgets are not just for the Visual effects but to also secure these massive talents. They are going to be short series that will be part of the marvel canon.

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This is really impressive and will probably lead to a lot of people paying for the Disney streaming service as Disney begins taking all its content off other platforms. This will also be the case for all the other marvel characters that do not have reported projects yet.

What other characters would you like to come to the silver screen and have a limited series?