Treasure Tunes (Granite to Glass)

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New York Based Indie Folk band; Granite to Glass is definitely one of the most interesting sounding groups that you’ve probably never heard of. Formed back in 2015 as a collaboration between longtime friends in the state of Massachusetts, Jon Kohen (Guitarist/Vocalist) & Lily Innela (Violinist) decided to bring their uniquely haunting and minimalist orchestral style into the contemporary music soundscape. In the pursuit of their mission to “envelop each audience with a sense of delicate, and positive introspection with which to heal and reflect”, Granite to Glass has added members of a New England and New York based string ensemble to their troupe in order to help create their unique brand of mesmerizing melodies and captivating song offerings over the past three years.

            Ultimately, these collaborations between Kohen, Innela & their string ensembles has resulted in the production of the bands two EP’s; “Curse the Darkness, or Create a Light” and “Live to Two” as well as an LP titled; “For When You Need This” which all showcase the intimate and reflective musical stylings that the band focuses on creating from track to track. Granite to Glass’ unique and haunting orchestral sound is the result of the beautiful synergy that exists between the instrumental direction and control on display by the groups string quartet and the heavily emotional and almost “quivering” vocal texture of Kohen and Innela. The combination of these independent pieces results in songs that are captivating to listen to right from the start, and cause you to hang on every word sung by the vocalists, while simultaneously painting a narrative scene through masterful orchestration that soothes the soul. So, with that in mind why not allow yourself a bit of quiet reflection to the sounds of Granite to Glass by clicking on one of the links below?

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