Battlerite Royale launches early access this week!

The new spin off game from the MOBA brawler Battlerite is due out this week and a new trailer just dropped showing us what a normal match might look like. The battle royale genre seems to grow daily with every game trying to come up with its own twist on the gameplay.

Battlerite royale has players dropping in and slamming into the ground with no need to gently glide in on a parachute. After that you will begin exploring the map either solo or in teams to find loot by destroying purple orbs. There is better loot found in the red orbs, but they take much longer to open and will leave you defenseless. The combat looks smooth and very much like the original game. On top of that all the characters from the original game have been translated into the battle royale with some ability changes to make them more suited to the new game mode.

The trailer shows us how the map looks as well as how combat might play out of the course of a match and it looks like it is going to be a lot of fun especially if you were already a fan of the original game.

battlerite royale map.jpg

The game enters early access this Wednesday and will cost $19.99 for 6 months until the game is fully released and becomes free-to-play. Developer Stunlock Studios will be releasing new maps, champions, and weapons over the course of the early access period.

battlerite royale champion image.jpg

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