Iron Fist Season 2 Arrives Tomorrow!

Danny Rand makes his way back to Netflix is season 2 of The Iron Fist. The show is to be released at midnight PST on Friday, September 7th. This is always a fun time for Marvel fans who decide to stay home, and binge watch the season over the weekend. However, the first season of the show didn’t really impress many people. The pacing and writing were sloppy, and the fight choreography left a lot to be desired. Danny Rand was boring and uninteresting as well as annoying at some points. The team in charge of the show have taken the criticism in stride and have hired a new showrunner to make sure things go better this time around.

danny rand.jpg

The second season of Luke Cage showed us what we can expect from Iron Fist this time around and it seems a lot better. Danny Rand seems to be figuring things out and I am sure the writing will be much better this time around.

Another good thing the show has going for it as it heads into its second season is the story line. The plot revolves around Danny and Davos The Steel Serpent who believes that the Iron Fist power is rightfully his and plans on taking it for himself.


Another villain that will be making their debut is Typhoid Mary. This MCU villain is usually going after Daredevil but it will be interesting to see how the show portrays her. She has a very unique set of issues that Iron Fist will have to deal with. She suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder or split personality disorder in which she has multiple personalities that show through. The interesting thing is that each personality has a different superpower to bring to the fight making her a very dangerous foe. Seeing her brought to life will be incredibly interesting and will probably end up being one of the most powerful villains yet on the Marvel Netflix shows.

typhoid mary.jpg

Are you interesting in Season 2 of The Iron Fist? Are you willing to give it a second chance to see if they fix the problems from the first season? Let us know!