Captain Marvel Issue #1 - Panel To Panel

This new run of Captain Marvel is perfect for building hype for the upcoming movie this year. We pick up the story with Carol coming back after a very tough year. Her brother had suffered a life threatening injury and Carol decided to step down from the Avengers and the space defense program to take care of him. Carol’s mother was also killed by a kree assassin thus exposing Carol’s mother as a kree warrior, something she had kept secret this whole time.

Captain Marvel #1 brings us to New York as Carol and Jessica Drew AKA Spider-Woman are having a heck of a time fighting this Kraken monster that it attacking downtown. We get a great sense of the relationship the two have and how much Carol has been missed during this long stint away from the world. The Kraken is just about finished up when it grabs a child and her dog as decides they would be a good snack. Carol is not having it and brings the kraken down, from the inside out.


This issue shows the love the city and the people in it have for Carol and even though she has been away, she is a welcomed sight. The humor in this issue is also fantastic, the writing does a great job setting a smooth cadence and the back and forth banter between Carol and the others shows a great understanding of how conversations actually occur.

After the Kraken has been defeated we are greeted with Tony Stark taking Carol back to Stark Unlimited to have a discussion about her rejoining the team. The Avengers would be happy to have her back but because most of the work she has been doing lately is being taken care of in space, the public doesn’t see it. Tony believes the best way to handle this is for Carol to have an interview so that people can get a better grasp of what she has been doing for them.


Tony also needs a bit of help with one of the kids from the Avengers Academy. These kids were prone to becoming villains, so the Avengers took them in and tried to help them. The one in question this time is Jennifer Takeda AKA Hazmat. She is starting to have trouble controlling her powers again, resulting her in needing to wear a suit to protect people from her radiation. This is why she is working with tony, hoping that she can play him for some of his tech since he does specialize in suits and has been working on some force field tech.

This is where Carol runs into Rhoades and things are AWKWARD. They head out to have some alone time and while they are catching up the reporter that Tony had set up for Carol’s interview arrives just as Carol and Rhoades are rekindling something. This timing however, is not as good as the timing of Nuclear Man!!! Who makes a grand entrance by sneak attacking Carol and being just an all around douchebag. The fight begins and Rhoades calls in help from Tony and the Avengers. Just as Carol thinks she has defeated Nuclear Man the rest of the crew shows up. However, Nuclear Man is so very clever he decided to play possum until he could get away with a prize. He takes the reporter following Carol through a portal and Carol is the only one to make it through.


This issue sets up a story that is both intriguing, entertaining, and wrought with emotion. It already has me excited for issue 2 and to see what awaits Captain Marvel on the other side of that portal and if the Avengers will be able to help her. She is different now, after the events of the last year, and that is definitely going to shape her actions in this series.

I hope you stick with us for the rest of the series as we walk through the World of Captain Marvel. This only gets us more excited for the movie this year and Avengers Endgame. 2019 is going to be a good one for sure!