Vindication issue #1

Vindication is going to take us on a wild ride and I think it going to be something that you enjoy. If you like crime stories and murders with a twist, then this ones for you. The first issue jumps right in with the release of Mr. Washington after 10 years in prison. He was convicted of murder and sentenced to life, only to be released because it was determined that the evidence used against him was not conclusive. Bad DNA evidence. This is something that has begun to happen more and more in the real world as technology advances our once solid cases have been shown to have a few holes in them.

As Washington is leaving the prison, he is greeted by the detective that put him there. You could say that their relationship is a bit aggressive to say the least. In the time it takes Washington to get to his ride Chip, the officer involved has begun to assault Turn Washington and luckily the whole thing is caught on film. Not a good start for the supposed good guy. However, this issue does a good job of showing how definitely Chip believes in the guilt of Turn even 10 years later and he is going to prove it.

Later in the issue we learn that there has been a murder of a juror for Turns’ case and obviously Chip suspects something is up and somehow Turn is involved. This issue does a good job making you think that Chip is just a crooked cop with an agenda to lock away Turn without even giving him a chance. Somehow, I think that they push hard enough to make me believe that Chip did not frame Turn and somehow, he is being set up by someone else and they are pushing Chip in that direction.

The issue really makes you want to hate Chip because of his demeanor and the way he conducts himself. But it is easy to see why he is emotional. The scene in the house of the murdered juror has some interesting points. One of which is a note that Chip pulled of Turn in their scuffle earlier that day. It seems as though he is going to plant it at the scene and try and make a link between Turn and this victim. He plays it off as mis handled evidence so that he can make sure his fingerprints aren’t found on the item. The note contains the phone number of the victim on it.

The issue ends with a Internal Affairs investigation being opened up on Chip for his incident with Turn even though they are taking him off the juror case. Chip also receives a mysterious phone call alerting him to a package in his car with the evidence he needs to link Turn to the murder of the Juror.

Everything seems like it is all pointed at Chip being a crooked cop. I don’t think he is quite there yet though. He does some very strange and unprofessional things, but he seems to do them in a sloppy way. Could just be he is a bad cop and since he is convinced of Turns’ guilt, he feels compelled to prove it by any means necessary. This mysterious person who called about the evidence also seems to have an agenda as well as a lot of information on Turn and the juror Ms. Turner, things even the police don’t have. Leading Chip down this rabbit hole. He might even just be a pawn in this game.

The series is titled Vindication and right now it seems like Mr. Washington is waiting for his. We shall see if he gets the vindication he is looking for, or if there is something else at play.