The Batman Who Laughs #2 - Panel to Panel

The second issue of the series sees things reaching a fever pitch and has Batman in some dire straights and multiple steps behind. The man who is always thinking ahead is finding himself behind the curve with dealing with….well…himself. The Batman who laughs really is a incredible opponent. Fighting someone who knows your every though process and combat style is an incredibly scary thing to deal with.

The issue opens with Alfred and Batman trying to save the Jokers life so that they can find out the plan of The Batman Who laughs. Batman has delayed his transformation into the batman who laughs by constantly injecting himself with the Joker toxin antidote. This process buys him about a week as himself before turning into that monster. It isn’t a perfect solution however, he can be seen on edge during certain situations if he gets stressed out. But the glowing red eyes are always present.

More bodies keep piling up and they are more Bruce Waynes. More and more of himself from other universes brought here most likely by the batman who laughs. There is a sample taken from the body, and batman thinks that the batman who laughs is trying to create a serum to possibly make this world into the one he came from. Turning everyone in the darkest visions of themselves.

At this point Batman shows Jim what he has be working on. He calls it the Last Laugh. It is a system built to protect Gotham from any chemical or biological attack. Sealing the city off and purifying the air and water. The only person with access? Bruce Wayne of course.

This is when the climax of the issue happens. The batman who laughs makes his way to the last laugh in wayne tower and begins to slaughter some people. Batman arrives right on cue and the batman who laughs has been waiting, knowing his every move and timing. Batman has thought this might be the case and developed his own fighting style known to all as BAM POW. Not so original, but effective. Or so batman thinks. The batman who laughs that every single thing that happens is part of his plan. Even him taking the hits. Then out of no where a bullet hits batman directly in his chest. The Grim knight is to blame.

The Batman who laughs then reveals his plan of dismantling the last laugh and since he knows exactly how it works because he also had one. Batman pleads for him to stop and this is where we learn that our Batman is the most miserable, least accomplished and is referred to as The Nightmare Batman. OUCH.

The building implodes and Batman barely escapes. And he is MAD. Making his way back to the batcave making sure that the joker wakes up. Asking about his plan the Joker reveals that only one person knows the plan and it is Hames Gordon Jr. who is a sociopath that was created by scott Snyder and Jock as they bring us the next issue, Black Mirror.

This issue made the stakes much higher and the reality that Batman may be in over his head on this one. How do you defeat the perfect predator? He will have to be unpredictable and do things he would never do. Maybe take advantage of his name given to him by the batman who laughs and become The Nightmare Batman.