Panel to Panel: The Witcher: Of Flesh and Flame

The second issue of The Witcher, Of Flesh and Flame, begins to set the stage for the adventure to come. We start right where we left off with Geralt and Dandelion being brought before Nibras King of Ofier. Dandelion tries to conceal the identity of Geralt and get them out of the situation but Radeyah was able to see right through the deception. Mainly because dandelion was having too much fun talking crap about Geralt and Radeyah noticed that. Dandelion gets put in a room with two beautiful girls and that is where he will stay while he is a “guest” at the palace. Radeyah had taken over as the head sorceress for the King after she alone was the one to heal his beloved concubine Zaira. However, she seems to think that something had gone wrong because ever since Zaira has been healed there have been mysterious murders in the palace and Radeyah has noticed a strange aura and that she had changed somehow. This is what she needs Geralt for, to find out who or what has been committing these murders and what has changed about Zaira. That is her price for helping Geralt and Dandelion escape from the palace.

Radeyah takes Geralt to the morgue to look at the murder victims and he concludes that they had been killed by powerful magic either a spell or a curse. Radeyah then reveals that all the murder victims have been concubines for the King. Nemet who is the one who looks after the murdered victims seems to think that there are four victims so far but Radeyah says that the first one wasn’t murdered but died from sickness. This is interesting because if it didn’t have meaning it wouldn’t have been said. We will have to keep an eye out for that in the future because there is sure to be something going on  with that disagreement.

Dayo and Ameena are telling Dandelion about all the important people in the palace and come across the Eunuch Phyre who is greedy, powerful, and stupid. Perfect for helping them with what they need. They also see Zaira and talk about how the King thinks she is so beautiful that he has forgotten about all his other concubines. This leads me to believe that whatever spell she has on her or whatever magic is at play is all to control the king and Zaira and Radeyah are most likely at the middle of it.

Geralt and Radeyah end up knocking out Zaira so that they can examine her and Geralt is able to confirm the very powerful aura and the make note of her bracers even though Radeyah says that everyone in Ofier wear them. They have to leave quickly as a guard was coming up on them and finds Zaira knocked out. We then move on to see Dandelion bribing the Eunuch Phyre to get him concert with the King. IT wasn’t too difficult, Dayo was right, he is greedy, powerful, and stupid.

It seems that Zaira was able to tell the guard who knocked her out because he confront Geralt and the two battle it out to the death with Geralt being the victor. It seems that the guard Maraal and Zaira may have been having an affair. Dayo tries to find some evidence that would show as much so that she could secure Dandelions freedom, but runs into someone mysterious and we are left hanging until the next issue!

Overall this issue was great at setting up the mystery and giving us some hints at who the players are and their motivations as well as keeping a lot of what is happening shrouded still. Other than trying to read the way yoda speaks this issue was very solid. In the next issue we should be able to get more clues into what is going on and who is behind all this and for what reason.